Nature Play Space Goes to the Birds

The NRLT Nature Play Space in Blacksburg’s Heritage Park got a new installation recently of a child-sized birdhouse. The house was a community effort funded by the¬†Rotary Club of Blacksburg. Ed Tuchler of Shelter Alternatives designed the birdhouse, and it was built by a team of volunteers from Shelter Alternatives, the Rotary and the community … Read more

Update on Nature Parks Project

New River Land Trust has requested a $1.2 million grant form the Forest CORE Fund, a forest mitigation fund from Mountain Valley Pipeline, to purchase 553 acres of intact forest on Brush Mountain in order to create two adjacent parks: one in the Town of Blacksburg and one in Montgomery County. The acreage to be … Read more

IRS Tax Proposal Would Hurt Land Conservation

The IRS has recently proposed new regulations that would significantly reduce the federal tax deductions available for those who donate to charitable organizations in 17 states, including Virginia. This includes the donation of conservation easements and land. The reductions would eliminate an important incentive for donors of conservation easements and slow the rate of land … Read more