Conservation Close to Home

Map showing the area where we work
The New River region

The New River Land Trust works to conserve farmland, forests, open spaces, and historic places in the New River region of Southwest Virginia. Since 2002, we have helped protect over 56,000 acres of land in the region and over 26 miles of New River frontage.

We conserve land to protect productive farmland, wildlife habitat, scenic views, climate resilient areas, water quality, and outdoor recreation areas in our region. We use cutting-edge technology to identify land in critical need of conservation.

We work with partners, including local governments, on larger land policy and conservation issues, such as the new Brush Mountain Park.

We help landowners conserve their land with conservation easements, and work with partners and landowners to restore vital habitats such as the North Fork of the Roanoke River Restoration Project.

Our Youth Outreach program and the Nature Play Space in Heritage Park help kids form a meaningful, healthy, and lifelong relationship with nature and the outdoors.

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Upcoming Events

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