Protect Your Land, Preserve the Trail

Do you own land visible from an overlook on the Appalachian Trail or is your land adjacent to the trail?

The New River Land Trust is reaching out to landowners along the Appalachian Trail who are interested in land conservation. The Land Trust is working with The Appalachian Trail Conservancy on the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership (ATLP). The mission of the ATLP is to protect the beautiful scenery visible from and around the trail, not just the footpath itself.

If you received a postcard from us, we think your property may qualify for a purchased conservation easement. This means you could be paid to keep your property as a working farm or forest by agreeing to restrict your property with a conservation easement.

Please watch the short presentation below (~8 minutes) by NRLT Assistant Director Kim Kirkbride to learn more about the Land Trust, conservation easements, and the funds from the ATC. 

For more information, contact:

Kim Kirkbride, Assistant Director
conservation at
PO Box K, Blacksburg, VA 24063