Brush Mountain Trails Open to the Public

Image: Michael Carnrike

The McDonald Hollow Trail Network, part of the new Brush Mountain Park, is now open to the public!

We are so grateful to the community, our partners, volunteers, and supporters for making this project possible.

Construction of a the final trail planned on the property, the Crosscut trail, is underway. Crosscut is being hand-built, so if you’d like to help out please check with the Poverty Creek Trails Coalition for opportunities to volunteer.

With the McDonald Hollow Trails opening, we’re looking forward to building trails on Property 2 of the park. The Virginia Outdoor Foundation’s Forest CORE Fund awarded us a $32,000 grant to cover engineering costs for the site plan and funding for construction of the main climbing trail on the property.

Download a McDonald Hollow trail map, watch videos, and learn more about the park and trails on our Brush Mountain Park page. Hope to see you out there!

Image: Michael Carnrike