Brush Mountain Park

McDonald Hollow Trails

McDonald Hollow Trails are the first of 3 trail systems that will make up Brush Mountain Park. The parking area for the trails is located near the intersection of Glade Rd. and Meadowbrook Drive in Blacksburg, VA.

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Trail Map

Download a PDF copy of the McDonald Hollow Trail Map.

Trail Etiquette

  • Only use open trails.
  • Practice Leave No Trace.
  • Stay off muddy trails.
  • Respect other trail users. Be kind. Say hello.
  • Never scare wildlife.
  • Yield the right of way to those passing you from behind or those traveling uphill.
  • Read the trail etiquette brochure from the Back Country Horsemen of America.

E-bike Policy

The e-bike (electric-assist/electric bike) policy for the Trail Network is the same as for the Forest Service and Poverty Creek Trail System. E-bikes are prohibited on trails, including trails open to bicycles.

Nearby Trails


In 2018, the New River Land Trust (NRLT) received a $1.2 million grant award from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation’s Forest CORE Fund. These grant funds were used to purchase two largely undeveloped properties comprising 552 acres on Brush Mountain. The Town of Blacksburg will provide long-term stewardship in the form of viewshed protection, preservation of ecological diversity, and recreational opportunities. Check out the videos below for more on the project.

Park Update

We closed on a 3rd property of 208 acres on Brush Mountain in December 2021, and are working on the site plan. With this land, we’ll add another 6 miles of new multi-use trails to Brush Mountain Park for a future total of 617 acres of new public parkland and 18 miles of trails.

The Town of Blacksburg is reviewing the draft site plan for trail construction on Property 2, which is 219 acres with a planned 6+ miles of trails. Volunteers are constructing a trail on National Forest land between the property and the existing Gateway Trail in preparation for building the trail system.

Poverty Creek Trails Coalition (PCTC) and the Town have been great partners on this project. The Town has been very supportive with substantial contributions of staff time and financial support. Eastern Trail Co. built the McDonald Hollow trails with the help of volunteers coordinated by PCTC. The volunteers have put in over 2,000 hours of work so far. More than 5,000 people have used the trails since they opened in May.

Want to help build more trails? Make a donation to the Land Trust and add “Brush Mountain Trails” in the comments section. Want to be a hands-on volunteer? Join Poverty Creek Trails Coalition for trail workdays to help build and maintain the trails.

Brush Mountain Park Videos

Thank you to our Donors and Volunteers!

Many thanks to the 132 individual donors to the trails and the many volunteers who have contributed over 2,000 hours of work on the trails coordinated by the Poverty Creek Trails Coalition.