Partnership Creates Opportunity to Save Threatened Species

The New River Land Trust has joined forces with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and The Conservation Fund to protect an important property in the New River region. The property has been home to a family farm for generations, but it’s also home to three endangered or threatened species: the Bog Turtle, … Read more

Students Explore Conserved Property

New River Land Trust’s Youth Outreach program took fourth graders from Harding Avenue Elementary School to explore and study a local conserved property, the Obenshain Easement.  Students rotated through three different experiences:  assessing stream quality, creating sketch maps and stories of the land, and becoming “water investigators”. The students learned about our community, from how … Read more

Signs Installed at Nature Play Space

We were very excited to see the new signs go in at the Nature Play Space in Heritage Park, despite the rain this week. The 4 signs are in different habitats at the park: pond, field, farm and the play space.  Go for a visit and see if you can find and read all 4!  … Read more

Lifelong Learning Class Takes a Trip into History

Image of original home of Mary and William Ingles

Imagine living on the land your family has owned and farmed continuously since the 1700’s. Lewis Ingles “Bud” Jeffries doesn’t have to. Bud is a direct descendent of Mary Draper and William Ingles, who settled the land in the late 1750’s. His property and another across the river owned by his cousins who are also … Read more

Nature Classroom

Read The Roanoke Times’ story on our newest youth outreach project in Blacksburg’s Heritage Park: Read the full story on the Times’ website.