Update on Brush Mountain Trails

NRLT staff tour some of the new trails. Photo: Michael Carnrike

Wednesday, June 24, was GiveLocalNRV, the New River Valley’s seventh annual local day of giving (formerly GiveBigNRV Day). This virtual day of giving allowed nonprofits like the Land Trust the chance to raise money for the benefit of our community, particularly during the ongoing COVID19 crisis when in-person events are not an option.

This year, we raised funds to continue work on a multi-use trail system on Brush Mountain, minutes from downtown Blacksburg. We raised just over $5,000 for the trails! Thank you to everyone who contributed.

We began Phase 1 in early June, and the contractor and volunteers are now working on 2.25 miles of new trail on Property 1 (see map below). By the end of the summer, there will be about 5 miles of new trails, including the existing roadbed.

Some of the NRLT staff toured the new trails recently (pictured above). We were surprised at how much trail there was to walk on already, and enjoyed the loud chorus of cicadas and the bubbling stream.

We plan to build as many of the proposed trails as possible on the 552 acres before we turn the land over to the Town of Blacksburg, but we continue to need your help. We can’t finish the trails on Property 1 or start on Property 2 without raising more funds.

The more money we raise, the more miles of trails we can build. We look forward to the day when the park is open and available to everyone in the community. We would very much like to see Property 1 open as soon as it is finished and are in discussion with the Town about how to make that happen.

If you missed GiveLocalNRV, it’s not too late to help with the trails. For more information and to make a donation, please go to our GiveLocalNRV page or you can donate on our website.

Phase 1 of trails on Property 1 of Brush Mountain Park Project. (The yellow trail will not be built in this current phase.)