Phase 1 of New Trail System Nears Completion

Phase 1 of the Brush Mountain Trails Project is nearing completion. With over 2 miles of new trails and an upgrade of an existing roadbed, there are now 5 miles of trails on Brush Mountain Property 1, just minutes from downtown Blacksburg. While volunteers work to complete Phase 1, we’re looking ahead to the next phase of the project and more miles of new trails on Property 2.

In 2018, the New River Land Trust (NRLT) received a $1.2 million grant award from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation’s Forest CORE Fund. These grant funds were used to purchase two largely undeveloped properties comprising 552 acres on Brush Mountain. The NRLT plans to transfer the two properties to the Town of Blacksburg in the next two years, with the Town providing long-term stewardship in the form of viewshed protection, preservation of ecological diversity and recreational opportunities. The new trail system will provide additional links between the Huckleberry Trail system and the George Washington & Jefferson National Forest.

Many thanks to the VOF Forest Core Fund, the Town of Blacksburg, Robert and Dee Leggett Foundation, New River Valley Bicycle Association, Blue Ridge Off-Road Cyclists, Eastern Divide Brewing, Inorganic Ventures, Midtown, Snyder & Associates, Montgomery County, Blacksburg Striders, and Backcountry Horsemen of America. We also want to thank our very supportive community for donations and volunteer help in making this trail system happen.

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