NRLT Acquires Property in Floyd County

The New River Land Trust has joined forces with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and The Conservation Fund to protect an important property in Floyd County, adjacent to the Camp Branch Wetlands Natural Area Preserve. NRLT has purchased the property and is now holding it for eventual transfer to DCR.

The property has been home to a family farm for generations, but went up for sale last year.  It contains several streams and a wetland.  The largest stream on the property is a cold water trout stream that flows into Greasy Creek, which eventually flows into the New River.  The property is adjacent to the Camp Branch Natural Area Preserve, which is in conservation easement.  The land has high conservation value – characteristics that make it important to protect, such as:

  • several streams
  • agricultural value
  • scenic character
  • prime farmland soils
  • perennial and seasonal wetlands
  • value for maintaining regional water quality

In the short term, the Land Trust’s ownership will ensure the land will be protected from development until it can be transferred in the next several years to DCR and be incorporated into the Natural Area Preserve.

We are grateful to The Conservation Fund for making the purchase of this property possible.  The Conservation Fund’s financing, partnership and technical assistance make it possible for conservationists, community leaders, land trusts and government to swiftly and efficiently safeguard properties for wildlife, recreation, historic significance or to help balance our built environment.

Conservation is very much a collaborative effort in Virginia, and this project is an example of how the Land Trust works with private owners and conservation partners to protect the New River region’s important natural resources.