Nature Play Space at Heritage Park

Our Nature Play Space is nestled in an enchanting corner of Blacksburg’s Heritage Park. Look for the welcoming arbor entrance leading to an inviting meeting space made of boulders and logs. Interpretive signs at the play space and throughout Heritage Park encourage families to play and explore. A pollinator garden and birdhouses attract many animals and beneficial insects to investigate. We encourage families in the New River Valley to visit and play anytime.

Nature play includes digging in the dirt, cloud watching, tree climbing, catching bugs, wading—it’s unstructured free time outside. It stimulates all of the senses and promotes every aspect of healthy child development—physical, cognitive, creative, social/emotional and spiritual.  

We host seasonal Outdoor Family Classes and Summer Half-Day Camps in the Nature Play Space

Other fun features: 

  • handmade eastern cedar benches 
  • A play-sized birdhouse decorated with art by George Wills 
  • A nature play inspiration binder, filled with ideas for how to play outside 
  • A sandbox 

The Play Space also includes a pollinator garden, multiple birdhouses, and native bee/insect houses.

This special space was established in partnership with the Town of Blacksburg in 2017 and created through multiple collaborations with local businessesindependent artists and volunteers from our community. Made possible with support from the Rotary Club of Blacksburg and many other wonderful supporters.