New River Trail Conservancy

What would Virginia’s acclaimed New River Trail State Park be without:

  • domes of yellow poplars,
  • shady cathedral corridors,
  • fresh river-cooled air in July,
  • medleys of songbirds,
  • surrounding pastures and tree canopy and
  • spring peepers at twilight?

We may soon find out

At 57 miles, New River Trail is Virginia’s longest State Park. It is also her narrowest—a mere 80- foot right-of-way through private land. The quiet woodlands, creek and river banks, songbird habitat and majestic views visitors seek along this trail are not part of the park. They’ve been kept rural, to the benefit of people, wildlife and the New River, by generations of private landowners. Today, family lands are turning over at a rapid rate, leaving most of the trail corridor wide-open to the same kind of development that covers large portions of the Eastern U.S. The New River Trail could soon become merely a walkway through suburbia.

Here’s how you can help

Donate to the New River Trail Conservancy, a fund dedicated to helping landowners protect scenic and wildlife habitat along this State Park. This fund is managed by local stakeholders including the New River Land Trust and the National Committee for the New River both nonprofit conservation organizations.

Donations (tax-deductible) from trail-users like you allow New River Trail Conservancy to offer advocacy and conservation tools that help interested landowners protect their rural land and heritage, along the trail. Everyone wins — landowners, trail-users and future generations of people and wildlife.

How to DONATE:

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New River Land Trust
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