NRLT Receives Grant from Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The NRLT is excited to announce that the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), on behalf of the A.T. Landscape Partnership, awarded the New River Land Trust a $12,500 grant for a strategic conservation initiative targeted at high conservation value properties along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) corridor in southwest Virginia

The A.T. Landscape Partnership works to connect and conserve the values of the exceptional landscape associated with the Appalachian Mountain Range. The Partnership is a coalition of federal, state and local government agencies, nonprofit conservation organizations, and academic institutions.

The funding will support staff time to work with the ATC to identify properties important to the ATC corridor in our eight county service area.  After identifying key properties using our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) model, we will contact landowners to explore their interest in voluntary conservation options for their land.

The goal of the NRLT is not to conserve every acre of undeveloped land in our region, but to conserve vital natural & cultural resources, rural character and traditional rural livelihoods. High value properties, identified with our upgraded GIS model, are more likely to contribute to sustaining natural, ecological, cultural, historic, scenic, recreational and community values of the New River region.