NRLT Welcomes New Office Manager

Kim Kirkbride moved to the New River Valley in 2004, and quickly discovered she belonged here. Kim has worked on local farms, as a community organizer in Appalachian communities, promoted place-based education in Giles County and now owns a small farm in Newport.

Kim’s favorite thing to do is get lost in the wild parts of Giles County with her faithful canine friend, Henny. She and her partner, Rory, are excited to manage their farm in ways that enhance the fertility and habitat diversity on the land.

Her approach to conservation is a social one. “I’m interested in how culture and nature interact, and how that interaction impacts conservation. My time spent resisting mining and natural gas pipelines has shown me that social forces like class, race, and patriarchy all intersect with conservation values. These forces have shaped our landscapes over time just as they have shaped our society.” Kim believes that without this intersectional analysis we’re not doing our best to address the root causes of land and water degradation.

Kim is excited to support the work of protecting the land in the region, while encouraging others to develop the same sense of place.