Rescue Squad Trains on New Trails

No one wants to get injured while out on the trails having fun, but it’s comforting to know that, if needed, the rescuers are prepared. The Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad (BVRS) recently staged a training with a rescue simulation on the new McDonald Hollow Trails on Brush Mountain.

The rescue simulation was of a biker with a broken leg.
In order to get hands-on knowledge of the new trails, including potential hazards and to find out which rescue vehicles could get access, BVRS ran a realistic scenario where there was a biker with a broken leg at the top of Blunderbuss trail. The rescue was staged in the parking area, and in the scenario, the biker didn’t know his location and a friend had to leave find a cell signal.

15 rescuers attended the training, and BVRS deployed 3 teams, with at least one trained search and rescue team leader per group. They used a patient care UTV to gain access up the Highway (the main climbing trail) and carried the patient off the trails to the UTV.

“These full-scale simulations allow us to “stress-test” the new trails, and identify areas where we would have issues making patient access.” said Trevor Motley, Standards Officer for BVRS. “Scenarios like this let us ensure our skills are fresh in our mind for real-life callouts, and identify areas in our own organization that should be adjusted, such as training plans.”

The Blacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad is a 100% volunteer organization. 

The rescue UTV was used in the simulation to get the biker to safety.