Tax-wise Charitable IRA Rollover

A charitable gift transferred from your IRA to the New River Land Trust may qualify to count toward your required minimum distribution for the year without being taxed as income.

The charitable IRA rollover, also called a qualified charitable distribution (QCD), can be a great way to support the Land Trust with a tax-wise gift that can make a difference during your lifetime.  There is no minimum QCD and the maximum is $100,000.

 A gift that qualifies is:
  1. Made by a donor age 70 1/2 or older
  2. Transferred from a traditional or Roth IRA directly to the New River Land Trust. (If giving in this manner, please tell your broker or fund manager to name you as the donor on the transfer.)
  3. Completed during the applicable tax year

Questions? Please call us at 540-951-1704, email John or talk with your tax advisor if you have questions.