Trail Building Begins on Brush Mountain

Site of future multi-use trails on Brush Mountain

Work on new trails for the Brush Mountain Park and Preservation Project is expected to begin the first week of June. Work on this first phase will take about 8-9 weeks to complete.

The Land Trust currently owns two properties totaling 552 acres of intact forestland on Brush Mountain between the Jefferson National Forest boundary and the Town of Blacksburg. We will build as many of the proposed trails as possible on the properties before turning them over to the Town of Blacksburg within 2 years to be managed as a Town park.

With the funding we have from the Virginia Outdoors Foundation Forest CORE grant, the Robert and Dee Leggett Foundation, and the incredible support we have received from individuals and businesses in the community, we are prepared build 2.5 miles of new trail on Property 1.  This will add to the existing 1.7 mile dirt/gravel roadbed that will be part of the property’s trail system.  There are plans for additional sections of new trail on the upper portion of Property 1 in the future.  Building more trail will depend on balancing the funding we already have between Property 1 and Property 2, and our success in raising additional funds.

“All the partners on this project appreciate the high level of interest from the community, and we are making every effort to move things along so that people can enjoy the park and trails as soon as possible,” said NRLT Executive Director John Eustis.

The Poverty Creek Trail Coalition will be organizing volunteer work groups.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will use only very small groups and will observe all necessary precautions while working on the trail. We are working with the Town of Blacksburg on plans for other needed infrastructure like parking and signage that will make public access possible in the future.  (At this time, the properties are closed to the public. We’re asking folks to stay off the property until it can be safely opened.  Thank you for your cooperation!)

“It’s been amazing to see the greater community get involved in this project.” said Michael Carnrike, owner of Eastern Trail Company, the contractor building the trails. “There are a lot of moving parts and hoops to jump through to build a trail network from scratch. The Land Trust is successfully navigating these to build trails that serve the needs of all trail users.”

Trail building will begin on Property 1 of the future Brush Mountain Park.